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AIM WA is a private not-for-profit organisation committed to the development and performance improvement of its Personal and Corporate Members and its clients across the commercial, government, community and not-for-profit sectors.


August, 2016
  • This program is designed to provide managers with the skills and knowledge to implement and cope with change in the workplace. Such skills are essential for every manager given the rapid pace of change and the need to influence the process toward organisational outcomes.

  • Are you finding it a bit of a challenge to progress or possibly finish off your assessment and gain your qualification? Well here is your chance to get ‘back on track’ by attending our next free Assessment Workshop.

  • Your ability to develop and maintain relationships with colleagues and friends depends on your ability to communicate effectively. Good communication skills can be learned. The focus is on you and what you will do to keep in touch with those important people around you.This program provides you with a range of communication techniques and strategies to become a more effective and confident communicator. With this understanding, you will be able to enhance working relationships and deal with difficult situations in a positive manner. The program will also give you the opportunity to develop your own personal communication style and better understand the styles of others.

  • Market forces place increased pressure on organisations to improve their products and services. To remain competitive in this environment, organisations must continually seek ways to improve all aspects of their business, including workplace relationships, processes, products and services. While the focus on achieving quality products and services is not new, it has shifted from being reactive (inspect and fix) to pro-active (plan to get it right the first time).

    Through case studies and activities, this practical program will equip participants with the vital skills and knowledge to ensure the quality and continuous improvement approach becomes a natural way of thinking.

  • Join us for breakfast as James McMahon DSC DSM, Commissioner Department of Corrective Services, shares his personal leadership story.
  • This program introduces additional skills to develop your knowledge of Microsoft Excel by focusing on advanced functions and productivity tools.
  • Clarity and confidence are often seen as the secrets to effective assertive communication. By developing skills to clearly express your views in a confident manner, you are more likely to be successful at getting your message across. By expressing a view in an assertive, rather than aggressive or submissive manner, the receiver is more likely to be receptive and open to the issues being expressed.

  • As managers strive for increased productivity, profit, growth and better customer service, their success depends on achieving maximum and continuing commitment from their staff. The way one treats staff tends to be the way ‘they’ treat their customers!

  • This program introduces you to the most important features of Microsoft Excel. You will learn how to design, format and print spreadsheets, how to create charts and how to develop formulas and functions.
  • For any business department, team or group to work effectively, it is important to ensure that effective workplace relationships exist. This program differentiates between good relationships and effective relationships, and examines the ways that we can ensure this occurs in our workplace.

    This program explores the role of leadership in building and creating effective workplace relationships through better communication, access to and communication of relevant information to ensure agreed outcomes are achieved.

  • Supervisors who attend this popular and fundamental training program become much more effective and productive in their role. They also have fewer problems within their workplace because they are sensitive to what motivates their staff, are better at solving problems and have improved leadership skills.

    Effective introductory training enables supervisors to reach their optimum level of effectiveness faster than those who simply learn on-the-job or are ‘thrown in at the deep end’. This program explores the relationships between supervisor and worker. It shows group or team leaders the functions of effective groups or teams and how to weld together concerns of task, team and individual to achieve identified objectives.

  • This program outlines and reinforces the need for taking personal control over time and being responsible for the outcomes. You will also develop the skills to recognise and balance your own and your teams time management to enhance performance and efficiency.

  • The globally acclaimed verbal skills workshop that trains you to organise your thoughts and ideas quickly for clear, concise, persuasive messages. A phenomenal 200,000 people have benefited from this program around the world. Now you can have the same experience here in Perth.Think on Your Feet® is a two-day, international program that has run in Australia for over 20 years. Its focus is to build skills, knowledge and confidence in participants wanting to enhance their ability to communicate key messages.

  • This program provides you with further skills in Microsoft Excel. You will learn how to identify ranges with names, protect worksheets and files, apply functions, link worksheets, audit files and create templates.
  • This program focuses on how to design a new database in Microsoft Access and covers the basic skills needed to create useful databases. It builds on the knowledge introduced in our Access Essentials program.
  • This program identifies and focuses on the skills required for achieving positive results through negotiation. It equips participants with the tools, techniques and concepts that are required to manage negotiations successfully in a variety of situations including contracts, sales, project management and teams.

  • Risk Management is an integral part of the overall business strategy and is an essential component of the safety management system in an organisation. Managers at all levels of the business need to understand the risks they are responsible for managing and be confident that they can effectively address these.

    This program is designed to build the knowledge and skills required to design a robust risk management strategy and to ensure the successful implementation of that strategy by engaging the key stakeholders in the entire risk management process.

  • Different organisational designs mean that people are increasingly reliant on other people who do not report to them to get their jobs done. These people could be within the same organisation, or they could be contractors, suppliers, government agencies or even customers. During this program, participants will be exposed to a range of skills that will improve their chances of stakeholder engagement and positive outcomes from people over whom they have no direct authority.

  • This program introduces the skills needed to create well-designed flyers and publications with Microsoft Publisher.
  • The Executive Leadership Program: Co-Operatives and Mutuals (ELP-CM) has been designed by Winthrop Professor Tim Mazzarol and Dr Elena Limnios, recognised experts in the field, following extensive research into the needs of co-operative and mutual organisations. The program will apply theory and industry best practice to the organisational realities of the participants.  

    In addition, the leadership requirements of high performance co-operative and mutual organisations will be assessed and participants will be given the opportunity to better understand their own leadership strengths and opportunities. This self reflection will be achieved through sessions that are both challenging and respectful, allowing participants to learn from each other.

    The Crucial Need for the ELP-CM  

    While there are many general management and development programs on the market, most do not meet the specific requirements of this sector, which has acknowledged the need for a dedicated course that captures the unique nature of the co-operative enterprise business model.  

    Many aspects of the way co-operative and mutual enterprises are managed are similar to more conventional businesses. However, there are also many important differences. These relate to areas such as their governance, accounting procedures, distribution of share capital and voting rights, human resources, communications, marketing and strategic purpose.

  • These highly personalised training sessions enable you to combine your advanced skills in Excel, Word, PowerPoint or Project with the expertise of one of our Master Trainers. Together you can work on a specific task or assignment from your workplace to make a spectacular spreadsheet, document, presentation or project plan.  With a maximum of only six participants, each of our Master Classes will tackle one of the Microsoft programs and provide plenty of personal coaching to address your specific issues.
  • This program shows you how to use Microsoft Visio to create and manipulate drawings, diagrams, flowcharts and organisational charts. It introduces you to the Visio drawing tools and stencils.

  • Credibility as contributing members of an organisation is established through the process of communication. Women who are advancing in their career often find they need to develop their skills in saying what they mean and meaning what they say. Clear, authentic self-expression and active listening are the keys to effective negotiations and contribute to the reduction of stress in the workplace. Organisations will benefit from having employees who are able to communicate more openly and assertively.

  • For today’s marketplace, it’s not only what we offer, but how we deliver it that determines success.This program will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to ensure that products and services are delivered to standards agreed by the organisation and the customer. Using practical examples and case studies, this program will revitalise your approach to service.
  • The effective HR specialist needs to be not only a skilled practitioner, but also a skilled negotiator and adviser. This program will develop the skills and knowledge which must be acquired by HR professionals early in their careers, and provides the opportunity for line managers to widen  their knowledge. The Foundations of HR is the first of four programs designed to provide a thorough overview of the key aspects of HR management.
  • This program is designed to polish and develop the management style and skills of new managers or others in line for management responsibilities. It offers a unique opportunity to explore the fundamentals of self-management and managing the performance of others. It covers the range of people management skills and introduces participants to practical tools and strategies. Additional to the core interpersonal skills, the program also covers managing performance, conflict and change.

    This premium program uses a blended learning approach which includes face-to-face sessions, access to our online learning platform and 12 months Professional Membership of AIM WA. Learn more about our Blended Learning / Loop Premium programs.

  • This program introduces the most important formatting features in Microsoft Word, focussing on paragraph and page formatting.
  • This program introduces participants to techniques for effective document design using text, graphics and other visual elements. During this program participants will use Microsoft Word, but the design concepts apply to documents created in any software application.
  • This program is designed to further develop the essential aspects of the supervisor’s role and increase their ability to work at a higher supervisory level within an organisation. The program builds on existing key skills and knowledge of people management. It examines at a greater depth communication issues, leadership and the changing  role of supervisors.
  • This program describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to promote effective teamwork. It involves developing team plans to meet expected outcomes, leading the work team and proactively working with the management of the organisation. This program examines strategies to ensure your team work effectively together to achieve a set of goals and objectives.

  • Building relationships and effective account management form the basis for successful sales strategy in an organisation. This program focuses on ways to build successful stakeholder engagements, close sales, retain business and increase referrals through the effective servicing and management of one-on-one relationships with clients. The interpersonal aspects of developing mutually beneficial relationships are covered with reference to relationship management models designed to maximise – Return on Relationship (ROR).
  • Maximise your relationships and bring customers back to your organisation through positive service provided by your frontline staff. This program is designed to develop skills in satisfying customer needs and dealing with difficult customers. Greatly improved organisational image and personal effectiveness will result from this excellent customer care program.

  • A Safety and Health Representative needs to be skilled, confident and a good communicator to exchange ideas regarding the risks and controls for incidents in the workplace. This program offers the essential skills and knowledge to fulfil the requirements of the Act and create a safer workplace for all your employees, contractors and customers.A ‘representative’ means a Safety and Health Representative duly elected in accordance with the Act.

  • This program introduces you to those skills in Microsoft Word that are essential to create, modify and format simple documents.
  • Risk management is essential for good management performance. This practical guide to risk management will provide managers with effective skills and tools to enable them to identify, analyse, evaluate and manage risks.

  • In this program project managers and team members will learn critical processes to plan, execute, monitor and control projects. Using a supporting case study, you will plan and create key project documentation to effectively manage and control projects.

    This program is a broad and deep exploration of the ten project management knowledge areas and covers essential tools and techniques that address all of the project life cycle, including dealing with risks, issues and changes. It will explain the work breakdown structure that enables the schedule, budget and human resources to be identified and tracked throughout the project.

  • This program is designed to enhance conflict resolution skills by examining what conflict is and how conflict affects people. Participants will examine positive and negative conflicts and decide how conflict can be dealt with in their work and personal lives. The program will examine some basic communication strategies and will promote the development of negotiation and influencing skills.

  • This program explores the skills required to create highly effective and engaging presentations and deliver them with confidence and style.

    The learning environment is comfortable, safe and fun with many opportunities to practice.

  • What do you think when you see a profit and loss statement, a balance sheet or a set of budget figures? Are you confused or intimidated? Does your finance department seem to be speaking another language?

    If so, this program is for you. During the program you will come to grips with these statements and the basic language and concepts of accounting.

  • Improving business performance requires an understanding of the components of profit, liquidity and value.

    This practical guide to understanding financial information will provide managers and business owners with effective financial skills to enable them to identify improvements in the financial performance of their business.

  • "All economic activity is by definition, high risk” (Drucker).  But that doesn’t mean a skilful, commercially savvy contract manager can’t mitigate the risk through a deeper understanding of the law and of the core principles of commercial acumen.

    An intensive 2-day program tailored specifically to the needs of site managers, superintendents, commercial managers, project managers, procurement specialists and business professionals from the building and construction industry.

    Building & Construction Cases:

    A feature of this program is the use of examples and cases from the building and construction industry to illustrate key learning points.  Participants will also have the opportunity to bring their own procurement and supply contracts to discuss and analyse during the program.

    To download a copy of the program brochure, please click here.

  • The ability to write clearly and effectively is a critical professional skill. This program will assist participants to plan, organise and structure their writing to achieve better results with written business communications. Through the practical application of writing and editing skills, participants will learn to write documents that are reader oriented and communicate clearly and effectively.

  • At this high-energy Professional Development Sundowner, the author and AIM WA Deputy CEO Dr Shaun Ridley, looks at what works and what doesn't work in the development of leaders.
  • The key component in effective performance management is communication. Communication between all levels of responsibilities is required for people to identify how their role fits into the organisation’s direction. Using contemporary case studies, this program challenges participants to make managing performance beneficial to both employer  and employee.

  • This program is designed to develop the personal insights necessary to lead, manage and interact with colleagues effectively and productively.

    Participants will have the opportunity to identify and practice the key skills of communication, motivation, delegation and problem solving so that they can learn to maximise their own potential and that of their staff.

  • This program builds on the skills and knowledge presented in the Facilitation Skills - Stage One program. It explores the challenges faced when facilitating and how to best manage that challenge by way of reading the dynamic in the room.
  • Every day at work we need to raise an issue, initiate change, make a request or respond to the demands of others. Each of these situations would benefit from having one or both parties being more skilful in the art of influencing and persuading. This program enhances your knowledge and skills, whether you are dealing with a colleague, customer or stakeholder.

  • Improving business performance requires an understanding of the components of profit, liquidity and value. This practical guide to understanding financial information will provide managers and business owners with effective financial skills to enable them to identify improvements in the financial performance of their business.

  • This program is designed for non-trainers who are required to deliver soft skills, induction, new work practices or other instruction in the workplace. The role may require coaching of individuals or small groups.
  • Identifying appropriate social media platforms and positive online activities to increase influence.


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